Single-Wheel Processing

3R/4R - Single-wheel lapping and polishing machines

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System Solutions in Perfection –
Highest Precision for all Materials and Branches

3R/ 4R  - The Main Technical Characteristics:

  • Tailor made solutions for all applications

    Our systems are suitable for virtually unlimited applications, from metal, semiconductor, ceramic, plastic or glass industries. PETER  WOLTERS systems can be adopted for nearly all materials. As a result you can fine-grind, lap, hone or polish:

    • Semiconductors: Silicon, silicon carbide, germanium, gallium-arsenide, gallium-nitride, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate (i.e. wafer, rigid discs, SOI-carriers)
    • Metals: Steel, sinter metals, hard metals, brass, bronze, aluminum and cast iron (i.e. parts for diesel injection systems, hydraulic pumps, precision bearings, slitter knives, carbide tips)
    • Glass – Quartz – Sapphire: (i.e. Sensors, condenser lenses, integrator plates, color cubes, photo-masks, optical glasses and filters, oscillators)
    • Ceramics: Aluminum oxides, silicon nitrides, silicon carbide, piezo-ceramics, aluminum nitride, zirconium (i.e. valve parts, seals, high performance bearings, ceramic tips)
    • Special Materials: Silicon, carbon, plastics, ferrite and magnetic materials (i.e. seals, valve and pump parts, electronic components)


    The product line of PETER WOLTERS single-wheel machines


    Tabletop machine for smaller work pieces and small series of individual parts. The 3R-380 is also available with a stand as option.

    3R-600 to 3R-1200:

    Units 3R-600 to 3R-1200 are machines for the series production of medium to large work pieces. With the digital control and monitoring electronics, consistent series production but also manual production of single parts is possible. Depending on the application, PETER WOLTERS offers units 3R-600 to 3R-1200 with optional pneumatic load device and cooled working wheel.


  • Siemens: The programmable controller system with user interface on a touch panel

    3r-controllWith the use of a Siemens touch panel with controller system, the ability to control and maintain machining process with consistency is easily accomplished.  The controls are completely flexible allowing you to add and load recipes at any time.    Critical components that effect process capability are all linked within the control system allowing for complete process control.

    For example, the pneumatic loading device can be controlled through the touch screen within the various steps of the recipe; giving the user complete control of the loading device in every step of the process.  Should a malfunction occur, an error message will appear on the touch screen describing the malfunction.

    The use of the touch screen with controller offers the latest in state of the art technology including administration rights for user, engineer, maintenance, etc. and also will provide useful information such as data trending of the process conditions at each recipe step.  Also included within the touch screen are guided instructions for the machine set up.

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Into the Future with PETER WOLTERS

PETER WOLTERS is a worldwide leading supplier of high precision machine tools and systems for fine grinding, lapping and polishing of flat work pieces. The PETER WOLTERS product range is completed by grinding and deburring finishing systems specially developed for grinding, high-precision deburring and additional surface optimisation of fine-ground and punched work pieces.

As a technological key player and driving innovative force,  we are sought after wherever the highest demands on  surface quality, parallelism, flatness and precision must be met economically. “Made by PETER WOLTERS” has long since become a renowned seal of approval on our international markets.


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