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Highly precise – economical – user-friendly

MACRO-SK - The Main Technical Characteristics:

  • The MACRO-SK

    The MACRO-SK is a grinding machine especially designed for machining the internal contours of stators, and it sets new standards in efficiency and precision for machining the internal diameter of stators. The machine concept of the MACRO-SK enables the user to grind various types of stators on the machine, e.g. Gerotor and Geroller. The machine has two spindle arms when fully equipped. During grinding, these spindle arms are lowered in a vertical direction into a stack of stators that are clamped in a fixture. The vertical grinding direction proves to be a major advantage in this regard compared to other machine concepts, because the cooling lubricant is channeled specifically into the grinding gap, thus achieving larger grinding feed values. The grinding time, and thus the entire cycle time of the process are reduced by having higher grinding feed rates. The maximum stack height in the fixture is approx. 100 mm, with the benefit that several stators can be ground at the same time, depending on the component thickness.

    The compact, space-saving design reduces infrastructure costs thanks to the small amount of floor space taken up. A completely newly developed acoustic emission system supports precise and economical dressing of the grinding wheels, and is additionally used for initial cut control in order to monitor the grinding process. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with an RFID reader. RFID chips that are integrated into the corresponding fixtures store information about the CNC program number and technology data, for example. As a result, the correct machining steps are performed automatically after the fixture has been loaded.

  • The MACRO-SK is characterized mainly by the following useful features

    • Compact machine design
      • Machine only 1.5 m wide, small footprint
    • Vertical grinding technology
      • Separate spindle arms for roughing and finishing
      • Differently specified CBN grinding wheels
      • The vertical grinding direction permits targeted feeding of the cooling lubricant into the grinding gap with gravity assistance
      • All the stated technological advantages lead to higher stock removal rates and shorter cycle times
    • Clamping station & handling system
      • Loading/unloading of the fixtures during machining lead to a dramatic reduction in the cycle time
      • The clamping station supports precise clamping of the components with repeat accuracy. The handling system provides ergonomic assistance and reduces the strain on the operator
      • The fixture can be exchanged in the machine in only 30 seconds
  • Grinding machine

    • Compact grinding machine with a width of 1.5 m
    • Concrete-filled machine bed. Complete housing of the machine
    • The motors of the spindle arms are water-cooled
    • Precise positioning of the fixtures during grinding is achieved by an indexing table that is coupled to a high-resolution sensor
    • Switch cabinet and auxiliary units connected to the machine in a swiveling arrangement

    Clamping station for loading/unloading components

    • A clamping station mounted on the left next to the machine for exact alignment, clamping and unclamping of the stators in specially designed fixtures. The stators are clamped and unclamped outside the machine space, and these functions are carried out in parallel with the grinding procedure (setup during machining).

    Handling system for fixtures

    • Handling system mounted on a guide rail for ergonomically transporting the fixtures from the clamping station to the workspace and from the workspace to the clamping station.

    Filter system with cooler

    • High-performance filter for filtering cooling lubricant. The filter feed pump delivers up to 150 l/min cooling lubricant. The cooler is mounted on the filter, as a means of saving space. 
  • Software Characteristics
    • Latest CNC technology. Siemens 840D with multi-channel structure and interpolation of up to 5 axes
    • All axes have high-precision linear guides, ball screws and digital drive technology
    • Dressing unit with integrated solid-borne noise sensors. Supports economical dressing of grinding wheels with exact profile accuracy
  • The Main Technical Characteristics


    Implementation Size
    Width / Depth  / Height ca. 1500mm / ca. 2600mm / ca. 2400mm
    Weight ca. 7500kg
    X-travel ca. 300mm*
    Y-travel ca. 350mm*
    Z-travel ca. 260mm*
    Control Siemens 840D
    * Maximum grinding wheel diameter and travel can change due to work piece and fixture size

    Spindle technology

    Number of spindle arms 2 (roughing and finishing)
    Spindle motor water-cooled
    Spindle speed max. 16,000 rpm
    Spindle power approx. 6.3 kW

    Dressing technology

    Dressing unit Table-mounted
    Dressing tools Diamond forming or diamond profiling roller
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Flexible CNC grinding centers with a modular construction:
Highly precise – economical – user-friendly

MICRON machines are modular CNC grinding centers. They are compact, reliable, and especially designed for Creep Feed-, Profile-, and HEDG grinding. Compared to conventional surface grinding, these processes allow high stock removal rates. MICRON machines, therefore, offer a high level of dynamic rigidity.

MICRON machines are used in almost every industrial sector in which precision mechanical components are found. Wherever there is a need for accurate profiles or slots and / or close finish requirements MICRON equipment offers excellent, economical results.


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